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About Hope News


Hope News is the driving force behind decisions that largely define the quality of our readers’ and users’ lives. We measure progress across institutions, products and services and governments locally, nationally and globally.

Hope News has earned a reputation as the leading provider of civic journalism, expert consumer advice, rankings and data analysis. Our platforms include hopenews.co, annual guides of the authoritative Best Colleges and Best Hospitals rankings, as well as hopenews.co with flagship conferences on important national conversations surrounding the Healthcare of Tomorrow and Workforce of Tomorrow.

Focusing on Education, Health, Money, Travel, Cars and News, HopeNews reaches more than 10K people monthly during moments when they are most receptive to expert advice. HopeNews’ signature franchises include its “Best” series of consumer guides on colleges, graduate schools, hospitals, nursing homes, mutual funds, health plans, diets and more.

As a trusted authority providing empowerment and guidance that improves the quality of life for consumers and communities at the local, national and global levels, HopeNews leads to better life decisions.